Hooray! Valet can provide any level of alterations you may need and our work is guaranteed.

Are your pants or slacks perfect except they're too long? Too short? Or does your very favorite coat just need a new zipper? Do you need a hem raised or lowered or buttons replaced? Your dress or suit entirely re-tailored?

Our expert alterations staff can make any alterations you need. All very quickly and at a very reasonable price.


Repair Description

$ Cost (approx.) $



- pants (lined)


- skirts - full (lined)

$12 ($14)
$14 ($18)



- pants (Cuff)


- skirts

$12 ($14)
$12 & up

Rip repair


- crotch/seam


- pocket seam

$4 - $10

Blazer shorten sleeves
Coat shorten sleeves

$15 - $18
$28 - $32

Replace button (Sportcoat/Dress)
*may not include price of buttons

$1-2 ea.

Replace button (Shirt/Blouse)

No Charge

New zipper


- pants/skirts


- jackets


Long Overcoats

*Based on length of zipper

$10 - $14
$18 - $28
$28 - $32

New zipper hook


Pants cuffed or with lining

$12 - $16

Take waist in or out

$14 - $16

Reweaving minimum


All prices are based on "basic" repairs. Occasionally the final price may be changed due to additional work and materials.












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**Internet special price.
For items not listed please call our office at:
(630) 620-1920




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