Our corporate accounts program is a great incentive for companies looking for unique employee benefits. Employees enrolled in our corporate dry cleaning service will save anywhere from 5-10% on all dry cleaning.

Building Management Companies can also offer this personal valet service to their tenants. Tenants will receive the same 5-10% savings as corporate accounts.

Take advantage of Hooray!Valet's corporate accounts package and receive the following benefits:

Convenient pick-up and delivery
Corporate discounts
Personal reversible garment/laundry bag
Monthly savings specials
Easy enrollment by phone or fax


Acct #

 We encourage companies interested in offering this great service to their employees or tenants to submit an account profile by clicking corporate accounts or by telephone at (630) 620-1920.

For hotels or other companies seeking a customized service for cleaning uniforms, linens, draperies, or other laundry and dry cleaning needs simply submit an account profile by clicking other services or by telephone at (630) 620-1920

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