Privacy and Information: All information supplied to Hooray! Valet is kept confidential. Hooray! Valet does not sell any customer information supplied to us, including your e-mail account. We will only use your e-mail account as a correspondence tool. Hooray! Valet respects the privacy of its customers.

Satisfaction Guarantee: All of the work prepared by the Hooray! Valet staff is 100% guaranteed. You will never pay for an article that is not "perfect". If for some reason a garment is delivered to a customer in a less than satisfactory manner, the procedure is as follows:

  1. Notify the Hooray! Valet's Customer Service Staff within one week of the cleaning of the garment.
  2. Give Hooray! Valet a chance to remedy the situation
  3. If you are still not satisfied, you will not be charged for the article.

Loss/Damage Claims: Hooray! Valet strictly adheres to the policies of the International Fabricare Institute. All garment claims must be brought to the attention of Hooray! Valet's Customer Service Staff within seven days of delivery of the garment.

All articles will be processed in accordance with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer on the cleaning label. Hooray! Valet is not responsible for color loss and bleeding, nor damage caused by weak fabric, defects, or a worsening precondition.

Hooray! Valet's liability will not exceed 15 times the charge of cleaning the garment.

Liability Release Form: In the event that during the initial inspection a garment is found to have the following, we will notify you that a release form will be needed to proceed with the cleaning of the garment.

1. damage prior to cleaning
2. color that may bleed
3. decorations, trim, and buttons that may be adversely affected by the cleaning process

Upon receiving your signed release form, we will then proceed with cleaning the garment using the techniques best suited for the garment.

Pricing and Additional Charges: Base prices for men's and women's clothing are the same for comparable garments. An additional charge may apply to the following: linen, spandex, pleats, linings, and other fancy fabric or detail. If a garment is larger or smaller than its typical or average size, an additional charge may also apply for the time to properly press the garment.

Stains: The staff at Hooray! Valet will inspect and note any stains prior to cleaning. Though the inspection process is very thorough, some stains are hard to detect or invisible prior to cleaning. Therefore, at the time of placing your order, please notify us of any stained garments you are aware of.

Reusable Valet Bag: The reusable valet bag is property of Hooray! Valet. A $5.00 deposit is required which will be returned if service is no longer needed. Additional bags may be purchased for $10.00.

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