Thursday October 2 8:05 AM CST

By SARA MAWHORR, Daily Herald Business Writer

(Daily Herald) HILLSIDE, IL - Looking to get rid of one of life's tedious chores? Hooray! Valet hopes you are.

The company recently started picking up and delivering dry cleaning to offices around DuPage County so that you only have to worry about picking up milk (or whatever) on the way home.

Individuals interested in the service can arrange for pick up and delivery over the phone or on the Hooray! Valet web site. Companies interested in providing the service to their employees can arrange a package at a 5 to 15 percent discount.

Companies who sign up for a package deal also can pick up extra perks for their employees. Examples include the shoe repair service that Lisle based Tellabs arranged and the delivery to individual cubicles at McDonald's Oak Brook headquarters, said Hooray! Valet's president and founder Thomas Wolski.

Wolski has operated a commercial dry cleaning company called GTR Apparel Valet Services which serves commercial clients. Hooray! Valet is the company's first attempt to reach out to retail customers. The clothes collected at office buildings will be cleaned at the company's Hillside plant.

Hooray! Valet does not charge for pick up or delivery and Wolski said the prices are set in the middle of the range found in the Western suburbs. The price for cleaning a shirt or blouse is $1.30. The price for a two-piece suit or dress is $7.25. Cleaning a pair of pants will cost $3.45.

Customers can set up an account and receive a bill every month in the mail or arrange to charge it to a credit card account.

Customers are given their own garment bag when they start with Hooray! Valet. The clothes are returned within two business days or by a schedule a company determines for its employees.

Wolski is hoping customers can envision how his service will save them time and energy.

If there's a problem with an article of clothing, such as a rip, Hooray! Valet can send a digital photograph of the problem garment attached to an electronic message so that the customer can decide how to proceed.

"Usually dry cleaners wait until the customer comes in to pick up the clothes before talking about any problems," Wolski said.

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Anyone interested in the service can call Hooray! Valet's offices at (630) 620-1920 or log onto to arrange a pick up or delivery.

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